Reviews: So Hot Right Now

Reviews are really important for authors. Everyone knows that. But listen, I’m not here to beg. I’m here to break it down for you – basically, writing reviews makes you smarter, cooler, and better looking.

Yep, you read that right. If you write reviews of my books (and other people’s, but only if you have time), your life will change.* Here’s why.

Reviewing makes you smarter: This is so true. When someone writes a five star review of one of my books, they instantly look so much more intelligent to me. Fact.

The Strategist

Reviewing makes you cool: OK, you’re cool already, so you know I don’t have to explain this one, as that would not be cool. But I can see you’ve written a review recently, and honestly, you look so much cooler to me than those non-reviewing losers.

Reviewing makes you better looking: Maybe it’s all those extra smarts and coolness. Who knows? But writing a five star review of my books is really working for you right now.

Reviewing improves your career: Let’s face it, the suits in head office are always checking out your social media activity these days. Imagine they happen to stumble across a five-star review of a high-brow book: let’s say ‘The Machinery’. Wow. Promotion central, trust me. Better than yet more photos of your cat, am I right?

The fifth reason: This is just to remind you that the number ‘five’ holds mystical properties, particularly when used in the context of a review.

So there you have it. There are different types of people who write reviews, of course, but the fact is they are all so amazing and so much better than people who don’t write reviews. Go write a five star review of a book – any book, once you’re done with mine – and watch your life transform!

* Note – not guaranteed.



Author: gerrardcowan

I'm an author and freelance journalist. My fantasy trilogy, 'The Machinery', is being published by HarperCollins.

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