Exclusive: Gerrard Cowan!

Here is an exclusive interview with renowned author Gerrard Cowan, conducted by esteemed journalist Gerrard Cowan, in which Gerrard Cowan asks Gerrard Cowan all the questions Gerrard Cowan fans are dying to know.

First things first, what is the status of Book Three? Yes.

What? Sorry, what did you say?

When will book three be published? Time is a tricky thing, isn’t it?

Is there a date in mind? Should be next August, all being well. 

Gerrard Cowan, photographed for an article by Gerrard Cowan on gerrardcowan.com

Is all well? Yes, actually! 

That’s good. Thanks for saying that.

Any other news on the book three front? Well, I’ve been discussing cover ideas with the publisher, so hopefully that will be done soon.

Any hints? It will incorporate the words ‘The Memory’.

Really? Why? That’s the name of the book. I’m sure I announced that before.

Oh yeah, I must have forgot. You’ve not done much research, have you?

I like to wing it. Fair enough.

Any other news? Any amazing promotions you want to mention? Funny enough, yes! ‘The Machinery’ is still just 99p in ebook form!

What a deal! Yes.

Any other news? There must be a film deal by now? Well, the thing is, the really big-name directors who would be interested in my books tend to take their time about these things.

How do you know that? There can’t be any other explanation.

Fair enough. Thanks for the interview – what a scoop! You’re welcome.




Author: gerrardcowan

I'm an author and freelance journalist. My fantasy trilogy, 'The Machinery', is being published by HarperCollins.

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