Titles, Dates and Low Low Prices!!!

Hello all! I’ve been very slack on the blogging front lately, as I’ve been putting the finishing touches to Book Two. That’s now done and dusted, so here is a quick update on where everything stands (in a bit of a backwards order – due to news value, yeah?)

Book Three

The third book in the trilogy has always seemed a kind of desirable but distant thing, like learning French or retirement or something. Unlike those things, however, it is actually going to happen. I know that for a fact, because it now has a name – The Memory. The meaning of the title will become clearer when people read The Strategist.

The Memory is planned for release in June next year. Book Two took me longer than I initially expected, but I’m much more confident about hitting all the right deadlines on this one, so fingers crossed! Oh and it’s available for pre-order, hint hint.

Book Two

The Strategist is now completely done and dusted and winging its way to an e-bookstore for publication on August 25th, with a paperback coming on January 25th. I agonised over this book so I hope you like it!

Book One 

Where it all began. The critically acclaimed* bestseller**, shortlisted for multiple awards***, is still on sale at the scandalously low prices of 99p on ebook and £8.35 on paperback! At those prices, you should really just buy both, so you can tell your friends you have the complete collection.


* By my friends

** As in, the best selling book that I have published

*** Probably, I haven’t checked. That would be crass.

Author: gerrardcowan

I'm an author and freelance journalist. My fantasy trilogy, 'The Machinery', is being published by HarperCollins.

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