Writing Update!


Morning all! Once again I look at my last blog post and see it’s been almost three months since I posted anything, which is an absolute disgrace, very ashamed of myself, etc etc …

If it’s any excuse, it’s been a busy three months on the writing front. The Strategist has gone through several revisions, which I think have made it much stronger. The essential story has always been the same, but the challenge has been describing more of the magic system without giving away too much of book three. On top of that, it had an annoying amount of loose threads that needed tightening (or hacked away with scissors). I hope I’ve succeeded at both now; it’s difficult to know!

I’m now working through copy edits from the great people at HarperVoyager, meaning the book is all set for a May publication on ebook, with a print edition coming in November. I’m hoping to turn around the as-yet-untitled-but-probably-set-to-be-titled-very-soon book three much quicker than book two, with a (fingers crossed) aim to have it published in 2018. I think it shouldn’t take as long as the previous book, but then again I said that about book two as well!

I plan to be much more active on the blogging front from now on – coming soon will be a blog on building a magic system (gotta love fantasy!!). Until then, back to copy edits I go …

Author: gerrardcowan

I'm an author and freelance journalist. My fantasy trilogy, 'The Machinery', is being published by HarperCollins.

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